Aether II Mod 1.18.2/1.18/1.17.1/1.15.2 – The Taradise in The Clouds

Aether II Mod 1.18.2/1.18/1.17.1/1.15.2 represents the sequel to the popular “Aether” dimension mod, set in a hostile paradise in the clouds. The Aether is a completely different world than usual players are accustomed, this is full of fantastic creatures and mysterious structures.

Aether II Mod 1.16/1.15.2

The Ether is a world brimming with life and history. You will have to relearn the key ideas, since the Ether challenges you with twisted materials, terrifying monsters and deep knowledge if you want to survive and thrive in this new strange land.

As Aether II Mod approaches its final release, Dungeons, Biomes, and NPCs will solve the landscape by adding new and exciting challenges and exclusive experiences of this mysterious world.

Aether II mod features

The main objective of the Aether II Mod is to add an opposite kingdom to Nether that is in the sky and is called Aether. This comes from the Greek “clear sky”.

This new kingdom brings new furniture, mobs, and accessories. To enjoy all this you must first get there and for that, you must start from Glowstone to make a lower portal formation, in the corners below place a bucket with water and cross the portal, at that moment you will create an Aether.

In Aether II Mod you will get new minerals like the Ambrosium and the Gravitite and with them, you can make new armors that have innovative abilities. Here is a list of these and their characteristics:

  • Zanite armor gives iron level protection because it is strengthened with use.
  • Gravitite armor, with diamond level protection, will help you jump six blocks without causing damage to the fall.
  • Armor of Neptune, like the previous one, offers diamond level protection and allows you to cross water at high speed.
  • Armor Phoenix, will protect you against lava and fire but if you fall into the water it will be transformed into Obsidian Armor.
  • Obsidian armor is stronger than diamond armor and offers you much more protection.
  • This mod will allow you to form a group without worries because the option of Party, gives you the vision that health, hunger, armor and the number of coins that all participants have the group.
  • In appearance, this world is full of floating islands. In Aether II mod there are new blocks of different types, natural, mineral, plants, among others. The terrain is formed with Aether dirt mainly and are covered by Aether Grasses.
  • The weapons and tools are made of the same materials. As for the tools, push the blocks and the enemies if they are sand or gravel.

Extra Features:

  • The altar is used to enchant tools and weapons which makes them much more lasting and deadly.
  • The dungeons or dungeons are in Aether II Mod much more complicated than in normality. In each one there is a boss that you must defeat in order to have the key that opens his gray chest; You can not destroy or use the structure of the dungeon until you finish with the boss. There are dungeons of bronze, silver, and gold, then I’ll tell you some details of each one:
  • Bronze dungeons: do not attack the boss with a sword because it does not harm him, use any tool. In each room, there are sentinels that will attack you. These dungeons can have any number of rooms.
  • Silver Dungeons: located in the Parthenon’s of heaven, on its three floors there are rooms with chests but many are fake. There are Valkyrie in every room that only attack when you attack them first. So, you can attack the boss with any weapon.
  • Gold dungeon, are on spherical islands covered with golden trees. To kill the boss you must hit the bank object that you repeatedly throw until it is destroyed.

How to Install Aether II Mod

  1. Download Minecraft Forge mod
  2. Download Orbis API
  3. And Download the Aether II Mod Run the installer by double clicking on the file downloaded from Forge.
  4. Paste the Orbis API file into the .minecraf / mods folder.
  5. Paste the mod file into the .minecraft / mods folder.

Aether II Mod 1.18.2/1.18/1.17.1 Download Links:

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