ArmorPlus Mod 1.18.2/1.18/1.17.1/1.15.2 – Adds 11 New Armors

ArmorPlus Mod 1.18.2/1.18/1.17.1/1.15.2 is a modification created by Sokratis12GR which started adding less than 11 new armor with different designs. The author did not have and does not intend to stop there and now there are 17 new designs and armor that you can create for your character.

Adds 11 New Armors

ArmorPlus Mod allows you to use various game materials for you to create mainly, sets of armor, new swords, arrows and bows. You can even do it with innovative tools and create different objects such as decorative blocks and other functions.

One of the things you can do with ArmorPlus Mod 1.14, is to use materials such as obsidian, redstone, emerald, even lapis lazuli and many more for the development of your new weapons, armor pieces and tools.

Most armor only provide defense points against the attacks of your enemies in the game, however there are various armor and weapons that allow you to use effects of permanent potions, these potions provide you various things such as breathing underwater, increase your speed, fly while in super live mode, increase the jump, and many more effects that you can enjoy a lot.

How to install ArmorPlus Mod

ArmorPlus Mod includes several additional types of weapons and equipment, which can give you permanent state effects if you know how to equip a complete set.

These sets are created through the use of vanilla materials or materials added by ArmorPlus Mod, these can be obtained by exploring and fighting bosses and other strong mobs.

To install ArmorPlus Mod, you just have to follow these steps that we will show you below:

  1. First make sure you have installed or download Minecraft Forge Mods in its versions 1.16 onwards to be compatible with the mod.
  2. Now you must download and install TheDragonLib in any of its versions from 1.16.
  3. Do the same but Frogelin 1.16.
  4. Once you have done these steps, it is time to download the .jar file of ArmorPlus Mod in any of its versions as of 1.16.
  5. Then you must click on the file of Forge Mods so that you can start the installer.
  6. Now look for the file that you downloaded from TheDragonLib, Forgelin and ArmorPlus and paste it inside the minecraft./mods folder, in case you do not have it, you must create.
  7. Now you must repeat the same step but, with the file that you downloaded from ArmorPlus Mod.
  8. If you have completed all these steps, you can increase the variety and quality of the equipment of your Miencraft character.

Characteristics of ArmorPlus Mod

ArmorPlus Mod also allows you to create various types of armor and weapons, with permanent potion effect, also allows you to use materials found in other more advanced worlds of Minecraft.

The armor with ArmorPlus Mod, you provide various effects of potion to your character when you equip with the complete set of armors. Below we will show you a small list of the effects of potion that you will find in any of the new armors of ArmorPlus Mod:

  • Carbon armor with night vision.
  • Redstone armor with high speed.
  • Lapis lazuli armor with the function of breathing under water.
  • Emerald armor to go faster.
  • Obsidian armor to be much more resistant.
  • Lava armor for resistance against fire.

ArmorPlus Mod 1.18.2/1.18/1.17.1 Download Links:

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