Better Foliage Mod 1.16/1.15.2 – Vegetation More Realist

Better Foliage Mod 1.16/1.15.2 is a modification created by the user OctarineNoise, which has been based on making the appearance of some Minecraft game scenarios, such as trees and plants, much more realistic compared to the typical square blocks of the game.

Better Foliage Mod 1.16/1.15.2

Better Foliage Mod is the reimplementation of some Better Grass and Leaves Mod features. It makes the life of your plant a little greener and fluffy by drawing some extra leaves on the trees and short grass on the grass blocks.

Better Foliage Mod will make your Minecraft worlds more impressive, mainly by improving the appearance of the vegetation. It is fully compatible with other modes of visual improvement such as Optifine Mod, Minecraft Shaders Mod, Colored Lights Core.

Better Foliage Mod is 100% cosmetic and only for the client. It has no effect on the server, and the Better Foliage features in the world can not interact.

Better Foliage Mod features

  • among the most relevant features of Better Foliage Mod, we start by emphasizing that the best thing is that it is compatible and has the correct effects with almost all known mods.
  • It works very well with the new Biomes O ‘Plenty trees, it is applied correctly to the various mod plants of Lord of the Ring, and even when something looks a bit dull, as with the especially thick Witchery trees, it still tends to They work well and improve their appearance.
  •  The only mod of plant addition that does not seem to work well is Tinker’s Construct, since its essence berry bushes may have problems with new leaves, but even if you find a graphic conflict of this type, you can use the game’s menu and turn it off .
  • Foliage improvements for that specific plant. Even other graphics enhancements work well with Better Foliage Mod, and it generally works well together with the Shader, Textures and Optifine modes.
  • With Better Foliage Mod the improvements in the forests are excellent, but the changes in the aquatic areas of Minecraft are the most impressive. A new decorative plant, reeds, can grow anywhere in cool, shallow water, as long as there is a block of land below, and its existence greatly improves the appearance of wetlands and ponds.
  • Speaking of swamp plants, the lily pads have been updated, and now they can have flowers in various flowering states that grow on top of them, as well as small roots that come out from the bottom surface of the pad.
  • The oceans have not been forgotten either, and the corals now grow on blocks under the seas, bringing a little more life to what is normally the least interesting biome of Minecraft.

How to install Better Foliage Mod 1.16

  1. Mainly, you must make sure you have installed Minecraft Forge Mod.
  2. Download the .jar file of Better Foliage Mod.
  3. Now open the Minecraft initiator and then select Forge profile.
  4. Locate the applications folder .minecraft / mods.
  5. In Windows, you must open> Run from the start menu and type% appdata% \. Minecraft \ and then click Run again. On Mac, you must open Finder, hold down the ALT key and click> Go next Library in the top menu bar.
  6. Then you must open the Application Support folder and search for Minecraft.
  7. Place the .jar file that you have downloaded from Better Foliage Mod in your Mods folder. If you do not have one, create it now.
  8. If you have followed all these steps, once you restart Minecraft, you can count on this modification.

Better Foliage Mod 1.16 Download Links:

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