BuildCraft Mod 1.18.2/1.18/1.17.1/1.15.2 – Automatic Machines

BuildCraft Mod 1.18.2/1.18/1.17.1/1.15.2 successfully represents the world of construction and mega machines in the Minecraft era.

This Mod has a large number of tools and systems of machines that allow the player to automate tasks, as well as transport for all those materials that have to be used in construction.

BuildCraft Mod 1.16/1.15.2

You can have machinery, engines, transport technology for pipes, which can transport liquid, materials from mines and other elements. You can also make new machines. With BuildCraft Mod factory, extract, build or transport gold, diamond, coal, stones, iron and other minerals. All your work will be optimized to obtain better results.

BuildCraft Mod features

BuildCraft Mod offers a wide variety of tools that you can use, among which are:

  • The engines: that you can create to operate the machines or help you in the construction
  • Machines: You can use them for different activities: Dig wells, pumps for the transfer of liquids, storage tanks, you can even use facilities as refineries to produce your fuels
  • Transportation: here you use pipes where you can transport different elements, whether liquid or solid
  • Pipes: you will have pipes of different materials and each with different functions, among which we can name some:
  • Stone Pipes
  • Golden Pipes
  • Diamond Pipes
  • Sandstone Pipes
  • Daizuli Pipes
  • Lazuli pipe
  • Emzuli pipe
  • Gears: are used to make engines and other tools
  • Buildings: help you build or demolish your creations

BuildCraft Mod has two main usages: the movement of articles through pipes and motors, and excavation, pumping and mining with several machines.

BuildCraft Mod is really the key to global automation, since it is compatible with almost every other mod, and definitely those in the technology package; It is the best option to move items from one place to another.

The mine factory does it to a certain extent with its conveyor belts, but the BuildCraft options are much more advanced

Pros and cons of BuildCraft Mod

Among the advantages that BuildCraft Mod offers you is to make constructions more quickly and efficiently, as well as a better collection of materials.

As disadvantages we have that the mod must have or have Redstone Flux if you want to have waterproof pipes for example and you must also have MJ Minecraft Joules that serves to produce less energy in the machinery.

BuildCraft Mod was the original mod to introduce Minecraft Joules (MJ), but has since adopted the widely used Redstone Flux (RF) power system that many other mods use.

Machines such as Quarry, Pump and Builder can be powered by one of the three engines BuildCraft adds.

However, any RF energy generating system can be used. BuildCraft Mod also introduces two new liquids, oil and fuel, to provide increased energy production. BuildCraft Wrench is a new tool to reorient machines and piping systems.

How to install BuildCraft Mod

  1. You must first download Minecraft Forge Mod.
  2. Open the run window in the start menu and type in lowercase:% appdata% and press run.
  3. Then you should download the .jar file from BuildCraft Mod.
  4. For the best performance of your machines you must install Redstone Flux Mod.
  5. Then double-click on the downloaded file of Forge to run the installer.
  6. Paste the downloaded file from BuildCraft Mod into the minecraft / mods folder and start enjoying your game.

BuildCraft Mod 1.18.2/1.18/1.17.1 Download Links:

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