Creeper Drops Mod 1.16 and 1.15.2 – Kill Creepers and See the Surprise

Creeper Drops Mod 1.16 and 1.15.2 is a modification that adds some objects that can be achieved by killing creepers in Minecraft. The creepers are mobs very hostile, dangerous, silent and attack the players as soon as they see them, but when “killing” them we can obtain from them the skin and the flesh.

During the game the skin of the creepers can be used to create the armor and the meat can be cooked before eating it. Creeper Drops is a great mod to be in possession of the majority, especially when there is a shortage of food. Between the creepers and the players there will be a war to the death.

The former are very good at hiding in the shadows, so the latter must take many precautions. Creeper Drops Mod players in their “stay in the game will need to protect and feed themselves, so they will need to” kill “creepers to get their skin and flesh.

Creeper Drops Mod features

  • This mod adds some objects that can be achieved by killing creepers
  • To make armor and obtain food, creepers must be “killed”. With the skin the first ones can be elaborated and with the meat the second ones.
  • The armor coming from the skin of the creepers is very useful and strong, so you can use it with confidence if you are ever in a bind. The meat must be cooked before eating it
  • With the creepers you have to be very careful, as they are very elusive and dangerous. They usually like to be in an alcove or near the main door of the houses. The best strategy to face them is to be alert when you are exploring something dark or if you walk on the surface when it is dark.
  • It is recommended to fight with them at a distance and with a pumpkin. Another strategy is to attract them to a hole of about three blocks deep (remember that all the objects of the Minecraft application are built in blocks) so that they fall on it and kill them from the surface. The most effective way to do it is with a diamond sword, since only about ninety punches are needed to make him die
  • Some characteristics of the creepers: the radius of explosion of one of them is somewhat less than that of the TNT.
  • They can be lit with a lighter. They panic to the ocelots and cats.
  • They can climb the ladders despite not having hands. One charged has less life than a common one. If they are struck by lightning they will become charged creepers. When defeated by a skeleton, it will drop a music disc. Seeing the player walk without making noise
  • Get all the great things about Creeper from mutated cows.
  • Powder extracted from your milk
  • Climbing plant
  • Beef bindweed meat

How to install Creeper Drops Mod

  1. As a first step Minecraft Forge must be installed.
  2. Next locate the Minecraft application folder.
    For PCs, type %appdata% in open windows Run from the start menu and then click Run.
  3. For Macs, in the browser hold down the ALT key and click on Go then library in the top menu bar. Open the application support folder and look for Minecraft.
  4. Proceed now to place the mod you just downloaded Creeper Drops in the folder Mods.
  5. After the previous steps to verify that the mod was installed execute Minecraft and click play.

Creeper Drops Mod Download Links:

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For Minecraft 1.13

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Minecraft 1.12.2

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For Minecraft 1.11.2


For Minecraft 1.10.2



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