Dynamic Lights Mod 1.18.2/1.18/1.17.1/1.15.2 – Improves Minecraft Lighting System

As the name implies, Dynamic Lights Mod Dynamic Lights Mod 1.18.2/1.18/1.17.1/1.15.2 is a modification to add some bright touches to the Minecraft lighting system, giving it more realism and greater utility.

Dynamic Lights Mod 1.16/1.15.2

Greater realism because the light emitted by torches, lava, fire and other objects that can emit light will be more alive and strong, and useful because the light emitted will light more, which will allow seeing the objects even being at the bottom of caverns and wells

With Dynamic Lights Mod is achieved that all those entities that can generate light do so. You can even get lighting from a golden helmet, because that also shines, and if you know how to handle the configuration files you can make any object you want to shine with this mod. Basically, it completely changes the dimension of the lighting, offering the option to illuminate your Minecraft world wherever and whenever you want.

Dynamic Lights Mod characteristics

  • Dynamic Lights Mod Facilitates the exploration of caves and very dark areas and adds some bright touches with the Minecraft lighting system. Just by having a torch lit or a glow generated, etc., the surrounding area will be illuminated. Likewise, when you throw an object on, you will see that the area is illuminated.
  • The modification makes the “bright” elements (torch, glow, pumpkin lit, redstone, lava cube) illuminate everything around them if the player has them equipped (in hand / armor), if they fall to the ground or if another player you have them equipped in multiplayer mode.
  • Creatures and burning objects can shine.
  • In Dynamic Lights Mod if you want to include an item as a bright element you just have to append your ID in the configuration file, including some elements of reinforcement.
  • It is possible to configure if you want some object to shine while still under water and also how long it can remain shining while holding or when dropping.
  • The mod includes a button to toggle in the game, the default key being the “L” key, with which you can activate and deactivate all the dynamic lights.
  • The key can be changed at your convenience in the configuration file.
  • You can create any number of lights that you want. Just keep in mind that they are expensive in FPS.
  • The mod features torches, glow, bright powder, lit pumpkin, redstone and lava bucket.
  • It can be used by a single player, by several players present and in the form of multiplayer through networks.
  • The light emitted is brighter, since for the mod they used the Dynamic system, therefore the images and the surroundings can be seen with better sharpness.
  • Images can zoom in or out on the screen.

How to install Dynamic Lights Mod 1.18.2/1.18/1.17.1

  1. You must first download Minecraft Forge Mods
  2. Now you must download Dynamic Lights Mod
  3. Now you must double click on the downloaded file of Minecraft Forge Mods to run the installer
  4. Unzip the downloaded file
  5. Paste the Dynamic Lights Mod file from the inside of the downloaded mod into .minecraft / mods

Dynamic Lights Mod 1.18.2/1.18/1.17.1/1.15.2 Download Links:

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For Minecraft 1.18.2/1.18/1.17.1

Not yet released

Minecraft 1.12.2


For Minecraft 1.11.2


For Minecraft 1.10.2


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  1. i like this ahealy says 1.13 is not released unlike other sites ive seen who say its 1.13 but its only 1.12.2