God’s Weapons Mod 1.14/1.13.2 (8 Weapons, 4 Armors, 9 Rings)

Gods’ Weapons Mod 1.14 is a really fantastic tool that you don’t want to miss out on for any reason whatsoever. So, this is a mod that was created in the year 2015 and has been able to rack up over 300,000 downloads. NuclearHex happens to be its owner with MrIbby being a major contributor.

Gods’ Weapons Mod isn’t getting the attention that it deserves in the game at the moment given the contents that it adds. Even more, this is a mod that brings in various types of weapons, armors and other items. All that it adds to the game are about 58 in total which means you will always have lots of options regarding the weapons that you need.

God’s Weapons Mod 1.14, is a modification to add a variety of weapons and armor inspired by the weapons used by the gods of Greek mythology.

Hence, among the weapons found in God’s Weapons Mod is one that resembles Thor’s hammer and a large number of swords capable of creating great damage to enemies.

Other updated weapons and armor include those that resemble Hermes boots, Boreas sword, Oath’s sword, Hade’s sword and a demonic sword.

Characteristics of God’s Weapons Mod

God’s Weapons Mod adds a lot of powerful weapons, armor, even rings that have unique abilities. Currently, it has a total of 58 elements, including 8 different weapons, 4 armor and 9 different rings.

Among the most outstanding features of God’s Weapons Mod, we can mention the following

  • This new version adds a large number of weapons and armor that can be used in games according to the requirements and decisions of the users.
  • According to the skills and knowledge of the game, the user can join several weapons to make them more dangerous and several armor to create more resistant
  • There is a sword made with forty diamonds with which the electric rays can be destroyed

Among the weapons and armors we have the following:

  • Reinforced iron reinforcement, as strong as diamond armor; Hermes boots, which allow faster running, rings, which give users different powers; Boreas sword, the user can walk on the water; storm hammer, diamond hammer

New features of God’s Weapons Mod

  • Regularly updated
  • The modified version presents colors and sharper images
  • So, keep the weapons and armor of previous versions. Just add new weapons and armor
  • Includes more powerful new weapons to make the game more realistic
  • It also introduces new armors to make users more protected beings
  • Uniting several weapons players are more powerful, destructive and strong
  • Joining several armor makes users better armored beings
  • Images can be enlarged or reduced on the screen
  • So, Images can be zoomed in or out on the screen
  • The game can be used by one player, another player present or several players through the networks

This set of weapons was created by the Gods with the power to use frost, Shock, and fire at the same time. You must learn steel smithy to make arcane smithy and in such a way to improve. This set of weapons was created by the Gods with the power to use frost, Shock, and fire at the same time. So, you must learn steel smithy to make arcane smithy and in such a way to improve.

These weapons cannot be disenchanted. Therefore, to make an update, you will need a full-bodied gem. The Gifted Set is the elven sword, the great sword and the bow, the set of magicians is the sword of dragon bone, great sword, and bow.

So, the Revered Ensemble is the dwarf sword, the great sword, and the bow, the Summoned Ensemble is the Daedric sword.

Requirements for God’s Weapons Mod

Installation of God’s Weapons Mod

  1. You must first download Minecraft Forge Mod, version 1.14
  2. Then download God’s Weapons Mod, version 1.14
  3. Third click on the downloaded file of Forge to run the installer
  4. Now paste the downloaded file of God’s Weapons into the Minecraft / mod folder
  5. Hence, you can play now!

God’s Weapons Mod Download Links:

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For Minecraft 1.13

Not yet released

For Minecraft 1.12.2

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For-Minecraft 1.11.2

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For Minecraft 1.10.2


For Minecraft 1.7.10


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