How to Populate a Minecraft Server

Populating a Minecraft server can be challenging since it involves many complexities. You have to take care of many growth strategies. In particular, it takes a lot of time to build the community in a newly created server and get things started. After going live, managing community interaction is crucial to experiencing growth. 

However, if you equip yourself with adequate tricks, you will be able to attract many players into a highly interactive community. You will learn how to get your Minecraft server popular in this guide.

The question of how to populate a Minecraft server is commonly asked by newbies. While advertisements and joining multiple forums are the most famous ones, there are many other techniques that can assist you in this regard. 

Here we go!

Tips to Populate a Minecraft Server

Register With Voting Sites

The most important thing you can do to bring a lot of new players to your server is to register your server with a voting site. This will help you gain more and more players over time as you start ranking on these sites. 

Many players use these sites to explore new servers in search of exciting playing opportunities. Once people start coming to your server, it will help improve its ranking on the voting sites. In other words, more and more players will come once your servers are ranked on these sites. 

Therefore, the first thing you need to do once you have created a new server is to register it with voting sites. A number of these voting sites are available online, accessed by millions of users every single day. Nonetheless, and are quite popular.

However, the success of this technique lies solely in setting up good voting rewards. Yes, you heard it right! If you associate an appealing reward with voting, you will have better chances of ranking well. Players will rank your server high if they get something valuable from you in return.

YouTube Influencers

No one can deny the significance of utilizing YouTube content creators in promoting a Minecraft server. It takes time, effort, and a lot of research to select an appropriate channel for endorsement. There are plenty of gaming channels out there that can help you populate your server within no time. 

However, you will be required to pay the channel for the promotion. As a general rule of thumb, we suggest Minecraft players go for channels that have subscribers between 30k and 50k. 

Channels that have subscribers within this range will land you some 8 to 10 thousand players at a minimal cost. Moreover, you can negotiate a perfect deal with them since they have an average number of subscribers. A channel with more than 100k followers, on the other hand, will charge a greater price, and it is not as easy to negotiate with them.

But, what if you don’t have enough funds to support server promotion by a YouTube channel? Well, this is where our next trip can help you. 

Make a Video Trailer 

Another unique way of promoting a server is to create a highly engaging video trailer of your server. Try to highlight all the unique aspects of your server in the video. You can also hire a freelancer to get this job done for you at as low as $10. 

After making a video trailer, you can publish it on your own YouTube channel if you have a presence there. Alternatively, you can request YouTube channels with low numbers of subscribers to upload your trailer in exchange for a reward. 

This will be a win-win situation for both parties. You will gain more players on your servers as they post your video on their channel, and they will get free content to post on their channel.

Additionally, you can offer them things like vote keys or special crate keys for uploading and re-uploading your server’s trailer on their newly formed channel.

Focus on Competitions

Bringing some type of competition to the server can also help you boost the number of players on your Minecraft servers. All it takes is a few seasons and a prize value for winners to complete the task. This technique has the potential of bringing in the maximum number of gamers as it has been successfully employed on lots of high-end servers.

You can create a whole lot of winning points for players in any season or competition. For instance, anyone who defeats all or has the longest playtime will be considered the winner.  

The problem here revolves around prize value. You need a handsome amount of money to pay winners at the end of every season. Some top-notch Minecraft servers pay thousands of dollars to the top players at the end of every season. You can also pay the winners if you have adequate funds to finance the servers.

However, the absence of funds does not mean you cannot succeed here. Alternatively, you can start a buy-craft store competition. In such a contest, you will reward players in the form of gift certificates to your buy-craft store. In this way, you can have the desired number of players without spending a penny.

Bring Some Uniqueness

One thing that can really make your server stand out from the rest is differentiation. Ask yourself why your server will be favored by players? What are the benefits they will receive here that aren’t available on other servers? These things will help you sort out some unique additions to your server, resulting in more and more players. 

As a result of their unique features, many servers are able to benefit. Mineflex has Carl the Creeper and High Pixels has a delivery man that comes with mystery boxes. With these unique additions to servers, they have been able to achieve endless success.

Similarly, you can also bring a new idea that can divert a huge proportion of players to your servers. For instance, you can introduce a supply drop that drops spectacularly. 

You can also focus on building multiple clans with eye-catching names to attract more players. 

That’s all from our end. Leave a comment on your favorite Minecraft server promotion strategy.


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