Minecraft Forge 1.13 – Release

Hey! Minecraft Forge 1.13 is coming!


I know you’re very eager to download the Forge 1.13, so am I. Minecraft has been updated to 1.13 a few days, and Forge developers are working hard to launch version 1.13 as fast as possible.
Have patience, and stay tuned to our website, we will be keeping you informed about the Minecraft Forge update!


  • Minecraft 1.13 came with some bugs, so the release of version 1.13.1 is already expected, and because of this, Optifine and Minecraft Forge should only be completely released after the more stable version of Minecraft 1.13, which should be 1.13.1 or 1.13.2.

Development Progress

Minecraft Update 1.13.1 %
OptiFine Update 1.13.1 %

Comment below any doubt


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