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Mutant Creatures Mod 1.18.2/1.18/1.17.1/1.15.2 was created or developed and introduced into the game of Minecraft in the year 2013. Its creator is known as thehippomaster21. Some of the mods that he has created are the animated player, better horses, animation API and Aquatic Abyss. Mutant creatures mod is stocked to the brim with contents and that is why it has been able to rack up well over 2 million downloads over the years.

It has been created to ensure the addition of various types of creatures into the worlds of players. These versions are actually buffed up compared to that of the original Minecraft.

With this modification, certain mobs are altered again in the current version of Minecraft. Mutant Creatures Mod 1.16 is a mod that allows us to find a wide variety of mutations of beings, such as creatures such as the Enderman, the Creerpers, Zombies, etc.

Mutant Creatures Mod 1.16/1.15.2

Currently, it is possible that these creatures not only have a single mutation with respect to their appearance, now it is also possible that they have on their abilities and powers. With Mutant Creatures Mod 1.12.2, in the case of mutant zombies, they have powerful and special attacks in addition to 60 living hearts. This amount of life is also included for the mutant Creerper, which does not go unnoticed due to its immense dimensions.

The introduction of Mobs in Minecraft

The main character, known as Steve, wanders only between blocks, lakes, mountains, and meadows, raising walls and adding objects that decorate spaces with tools such as furniture mod Minecraft pc.

Within Minecraft are included so-called mobs that are mutant creatures, that is, any entity that moves by itself, the name comes from “mobile” in English. These creatures have different characteristics or abilities and are sensitive to being damaged during the game. The creation of mobs can be done in creative mode using generators eggs.

Because of their skills in the game the mobs are classified as passive, such as the bat, the cow and the hen, the neutral creatures, such as the zombie man and the cave spider, the domesticable creatures, among which are the llama and the parrot , useful creatures such as snow golem and hostile creatures such as creeper, Elder guadian, endermit and blaze.

Characteristics of Mutant Creatures Mod

At a chronological level, Minecraft mod Creatures is first created as an application that allows you to add characters to the game such as monster and animals that can participate by supporting Steve or attacking him according to your decision, now Mutant Creatures mod 1.14.

One of the advantages of installing Mutant Creatures mod is that you can activate mutations on any mobs or creature. This process can be done manually or using a magic splash potion called Chemical X. Which when thrown on a mob will mutate it or destroy it.

The mutations that this tool of Minecraft applies are not limited to the change of aspect. Also, they include the modification of abilities to provide them with more force or to make them vulnerable before attacks on other hostile creatures. This mod is very useful when playing in adventure mode. Since it will allow you to perfect the mobs that are in your favor and attack those that are adverse.

An interesting option is that you can apply Mutant Creatures mod on wolves or cats, feed them with TNT and use them as a defense weapon in your battles, in this way you would be combining different mods to move forward in the game.

How to Install Mutant Creatures Mod

Next, I offer you the instructions to install this mod that will add fun to your game; It is important that you verify that you have installed Animation API before using this mod.

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge API.
  2. Download and install the version of Mutant Creatures Mod that you prefer.
  3. With a double-click on the file of Forge the installer is executed.
  4. Move the Animation API download file into the Minecraft / mods folder.
  5. Bring the Mutant Creatures Mod file to the Minecraft / mods folder.
  6. Everything is ready to start the creation of wonderful mutant creatures that will walk through the worlds created by you.

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