Obsidian Utilities Mod 1.18.2/1.18/1.17.1/1.15.2 – Add More Functionality to Obsidian

With the Obsidian Utilities Mod 1.18.2/1.18/1.17.1/1.15.2 the shiny black rocks created by combining lava and water now have more uses than simply creating lower portals. In addition to a complete set of tools, including sword, pick, ax, spade and hoe, the Mod also offers players a new set of armor.

Obsidian Utilities Mod 1.16/1.15.2

All items are brackish and black, just like obsidian in the game. However, not only do you favor the team with raw obsidian, you need to melt the bricks you extract into obsidian ingots, which you can then use as ingots of any other metal.

Obsidian Utilities Mod features

The armor lasts as long as the diamond gear and protects the player just as well but with the Obsidian Utilities Mod it is much simpler to do, you can save all your diamonds for more important uses. Of course, you must first find three diamonds so you can extract the obsidian, but that is better than finding 24 diamonds to make a complete armor. The sword and the tools, on the other hand, do not last as long as the varieties of diamonds. In fact they have a rather low durability so it would be better to use your obsidian to make armor instead of tools.

Obsidian Utilities Mod for Minecraft Changelog

  • New crafting portals recipe.
  • Fixed armor texture
  • Added a new weapon

Beyond that, the Obsidian Utilities Mod does not add anything else to the game. It is a simple Mod that offers players more of the resources they have already compiled and that is always good in Minecraft. It’s not like Obsidian Plus, which implements tools and equipment, and makes everything very powerful and durable. If you are good with what you already have or if you do not mind using the Creative mode to get some diamonds, you do not need this Mod. But if you are a true fan of Hardcore mode and are looking for any additional advantages you can get in the game, this Mod will help you a lot and you’ll want to check it yourself.

How to install Obsidian Utilities Mod 1.18.2/1.18/1.17.1

  1. Download and install Minecratf Forge recommended for your version of Minecraft.
  2. Download the latest version of the Mod for your version of Minecraft.
  3. Place the .jar file in the Mods folder inside your Minecraft installation.

Obsidian Utilities Mod 1.18.2/1.18/1.17.1/1.15.2 Download Links:

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For Minecraft 1.18.2/1.18/1.17.1

Not yet released

Minecraft 1.18.2/1.18/1.17.1


For Minecraft 1.11.2


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