Single Player Commands Mod 1.18.2/1.18/1.17.1/1.15.2

Single Player Commands Mod 1.18.2/1.18/1.17.1/1.15.2 is a modification for all the users that need the total control of their world within the minecraft. The mod enables a large list of fully functional commands that can be entered for different uses. Players can control every aspect of the game with them, eg, Spawn Creepers, Hurt someone, health, worldedit and much more. Single Player Commands Mod adds more than 100 commands to the Minecraft chat console. Unlike single-player commands, you do not have to modify your minecraft.jar, because this mod is a Forge mod. This mod also uses the client-server model and, therefore, is NOT restricted to only one player, you can also use it on a Forge server.

Single Player Commands Mod 1.16/1.15.2

Character  istics of Single Player Commands Mod

Client vs. Server Commands: By default, commands are always handled by the server, so if you join a server, the server must have this mod installed to use commands (a single player is just an internal server). Forge adds the ability to handle commands on the client side, so you can use some commands on servers that do not have this mod installed.

The “help” command: Single Player Commands Mod alters the “help” command The problem with this command is that it is processed on the server side and client commands are not displayed, so when using “help” it will only show information that you should use “chelp” for client commands and “shelp” for server commands, of course, this only applies if client commands are enabled.

Disable commands: Single Player Commands Mod will create a file called “disable.cfg” (located in “minecraft_installation_folder / config / morecommands”). You can put commands there and they will be disabled (for example, if you want to use the “enchant” vanilla command) Run commands at startup: MoreCommands allows you to execute commands directly when you join a server or when a server is started. This can be used, eg. to configure a special configuration at the start of the server.

Requirements for Single Player Commands Mod

Single Player Commands Mod requires the 32/64 Bit version of Java 7 or Java 8, in addition to 1 GB of RAM, although 2 GB or more is recommended. Hard disk HDD with a capacity of 2 GB free space for Worlds and Mods. Integrated video Intel HD Graphics 4000 or AMD R5 with OpenGL 4.4. If you want a higher video resolution, we recommend using a GeForce 700 series or Rx graphics card.

As for operating systems requires Windows 7 or later versions, if you use MacOS you must have Macros 10.12 Sierra and in the Linux platform you can use any version from 2014 onwards, these are the specifications of minimum requirement for the operation of the game. If you want a better performance of Single Player Commands Mod then it is recommended instead of 2 GB of RAM and Hard Disk you should have 4 GB of RAM and 4 GB of free space in your Hard Disk, 64 bit operating system, Windows 10 and a 3.5 GHz processor or higher.

Single Player Commands Mod requires a stable internet connection in order to download some necessary files from the game, as well as to be used in multiplayer mode.

Installation of Single Player Commands Mod

  1. Close the Minecraft initiator (if it is open)
  2. Navigate to where Minecraft is installed (eg: in Windows% appdata% /. Minecraft)
  3. Go to versions and copy directory 1.6.2 and give it a different name (for example: 1.6.2.mods). Alternatively, if you have done this for another modification, make a backup copy of Minecraft JAR.
  4. Open the jar file (using a file utility, such as 7zip) in the mods directory you created (eg: 1.6.2.jar) and copy all files to it except WorldEdit.jar
  5. Delete the files in the META-INF directory except MANIFEST.MF
  6. Close the jar file
  7. Copy WorldEdit.jar to .minecraft / bin
  8. Change the name of the jar file to the same name as the directory (for example: 1.6.2.mods.jar)
  9. Change the name of the json file to the same name as the directory (for example: 1.6.2.mods.json)
  10. Open the json file in a text editor and the line containing the ID (eg: “id”: “1.6.2”) change it to the same name as the directory (eg: “id”: “1.6.2 mods”)
  11. Save and close the json file.
  12. Start the Minecraft launcher
  13. Create a new profile
  14. Select the version you just created (for example: 1.6.2.mods)
  15. Select the rest of your configuration

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