Smart Moving Mod 1.18.2/1.18/1.17.1/1.15.2 (Movements & Animations)

Smart Moving Mod 1.18.2/1.18/1.17.1/1.15.2 has been created to take the game of Minecraft to another level entirely whereby players become effective in exploring their worlds. A divisor is responsible for its development and it was introduced into the game in the year 2015. The creator has been able to bring in other works such as Render Player API, Player API, and smart render.

Through the advent of a smart moving mod, players will be able to move very well in their worlds. Some of the abilities that it brings in are faster sprinting, wall jumping, configurable sneaking, alternative flying an alternative diving.

From now on, you can give better aspect to your character and forget for a while a fantastic but static game. Smart Moving Mod is one of the modifications that the Minecraft presented. Which is based on providing a large number of new movements and animations for your character. In this way, the great Steve will have more freedom performing his movements, a function that is really liked by players.

When you already installed Smart Moving Mod, your character will have the possibility of having essential animations for frequent actions. Such as running, swimming, even actions that are not as frequent in the game as flying, or falling from the sky.

Characteristics of Smart Moving Mod

Smart Moving Mod 1.16/1.15.2

Although this mod is a visual aspect, the most relevant are its functions and new movements that allow climbing walls of three blocks of height, facilitates the movement allowing you to use your character’s arms, grab cornices, get speed, jump very tall, and even crawls.

In the original game, the player can move 4.3 meters per second which is equal to more than 5 kilometers traveled in a day in the game. Depending on the needs the character can run and jump simultaneously or as separate actions, but this consumes the hunger bar much faster by requiring constant recharging.

The other movement that can be done is to bend, which is very useful if you are building structures on the edge of the ground, as this prevents you from falling.

When installing the Smart moving mod the character enjoys greater freedom of movement. Some of the motor skills that are obtained from this application are swimming, flying or falling from great heights.

One of the advantages offered by the Smart moving mod is to have new movements. Which allow the construction in conditions that in the original version of Minecraft are not possible within the assembly of structures. Some of the movements that are added are the climbing of walls, holding on to the ledges and you can run at great speed.

Characteristics of Smart Moving mod

Minecraft offers its players a series of modifications for improvements, among which is Smart Moving mod; As indicated by its direct translation, this mod offers Intelligent Movement options, but what does this mean?

It is interesting to first know the characteristics of the mobility allowed to the protagonist character in the original basic game, to then be able to assess the skills offered to Steve in Smart Moving mod. Currently, with this mod it is possible:

– The character can fly and descend or ascend in the air during the flight.

– Add skills and animations making the movement more fluid.

– Steve can climb mountains and caves.

– The jumps of the protagonist are higher, managing to overcome more than two blocks of height.

– During the race, the player can increase or decrease his speed.

This modification of the original game can be used in three of the modes. It offers, in survival mode, in extreme mod, and in adventure mode. But it cannot be used for the creative mode or for the spectator mode. Since it is not necessary to vary the capacity of movement of the main character.

How to install Smart Moving Mod

As mentioned above, it is necessary that Minecraft Forge mod of the version selected by the user is already installed. Once this is done, the following procedure is followed:

  1. Player API must be downloaded in accordance with the version used by Minecraft Forge.
  2. Then download Smart moving mod.
  3. The installer executable downloaded from the forge mode is activated.
  4. Inside the Minecraft /mods, the Player AP.jar file downloaded from the mod is pasted.

Everything is ready for the player to enjoy nice movements

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